Friday, December 28, 2012

Thrift Place #1: The Thrift Field

I've blogged about different clothes from thrift places, so I thought it would be cool to blog about the thrift places I got the clothes from! This one is the thrift field that's in my province. I've promised my friends that I'd take them all here one day. 

I wasn't able to take really good pictures, and I wasn't even able to take pictures of the entire place (cuz it's really huge!) and I was in a moving car when I took these. So all these pictures are just one side of the place.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Every December 24th, the entire Nepomuceno clan have their annual Christmas party! This year, we had it at the top of our buildings. I was supposed to shoot on the helipad, but it was a really bad idea since it was really windy.

Dress: Gifted from my friend, Kelly Lati.  

Here are the details of the dress from the back! I really like dresses like this.

I actually forgot my shoes at home, so I had to buy a pair on the day before the party.
Shoes: Payless.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Last school day for 2012!

This is what I wore today!

Top:Gifted from Ina! Thank you so much for this, this top is so wonderful!
Shoes: CMG

Necklace: Gifted from my cousin Jordan.
Rings: Left: Regina's. Right: Everyday Couture

Hello, Mr. Kotake!

This is my block mate, Sarah! But I like to call her Jess, because. I really liked what she was wearing today!  

Top: Thrifted. (From the same thrift shop as my pants!)

Booties: From Korea.
I really like her shoes. And I like Kathy's shoes, too! They're the ones behind Jess'.

And here's Jess with our other block mate, Kathy! I super love these girls

Look! It's Jess as a model for UA&P's Merchandising Committee! I'm so proud of Jess, and the team for today, they worked hard for this launch. 

Then this is what we had to do for our majors today. I don't think I ever mentioned what my course was. I'm taking up Child Development in Education in UA&P, and I am absolutely in love with it. Below is mine and Jess' works. I have a magical unicorn, and Jess is Ariel.

After majors, we had our exchanging of gifts! K-Ann got me this really cute story book. Thank you so much, again, Santa Baby! I read it, and I really want to read it to everyone in class.

K-Ann: "I got this because it reminds me of you. You look like the cat."
Me: "..I don't know how to feel. Thank you.."

Saturday, December 8, 2012

I've always wanted a leather skirt.

I've been spending a lot of time with my friends lately. Despite all the things that are piling up on my to-do list, it's always worth it for their company. Last Wednesday, Ina, Alex and Stephy came over! I missed Stephy so much, and I don't know why we don't see each other as much since she's probably the free-est among all my friends at the moment.

Cardigan:Thrift find from Tagaytay (thanks to Kevin for finding it for me in the sea of clothes!)
Shirt: Bench Basics (Thank you to my sponsors, Jessica and Janine Gutierrez! Hahaha)
I have always wanted a leather skirt. You can just imagine the look on my face when I found this at a thrift place. Ina was there with me, actually! That day.. ANYWAY not talking about that day.
Skirt: Thrift find.

Lippies: Excel Paris in 509 from Manila Thrift Shop (Instagram: mnlthriftshop). 
I think it is very important to say how amazing the stay power that this lippie has. It survived me eating and drinking from straws. I was really impressed, and I'm so very tempted to get more. Thank you so much, Manila Thrift Shop for being such a reliable and trustworthy online store!

Here are the details of my cardigan! I always say this joke whenever I wear bunny-prints. "When I bought this, there were only 2 rabbits on it".

Necklace: Chain from the bag from this post.

Sandals: Payless

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Hello, Escriva

Last Sunday, Ina and Kevin had their shoot near Giraffe street and along Escriva Drive. We were supposed to have it in the UA&P parking lot, but it was closed for some reason. We were all sad, because there was a perfect tree where Kevin could have used.

I always feel really weird whenever I'm near school, and not in dress code. It's like something is very wrong, and that I should be very careful that I might get caught (even if I don't go inside the campus). 

This is me texting my friend Mari. I was wondering if she was at the dorm, so I could ask to see her. Too bad she was still at home.

Sunnies: Ray-Bans
Tights: Forever 21

Top details! I really like this shirt. The cloth feels really nice and smooth. 
Top: Dalagita. You can find them in Greenhills or in Nepo Mall!
Necklace: Gifted from mom.

I just absolutely fell in love with this top when I saw the criss-cross at the back. 

Shorts: Also from Dalagita.
Bracelet: Trunk Show

Shoes: Airwalk from Payless.

Taking a little break and having a recap of the shoot in Ina's camera. Don't they look so cute? This is actually Kevin's very first photo shoot (that isn't for his swimming thingy) and Ina's first time to shoot a guy (that isn't for work).

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Red pointy party hats

Kevin's in town this weekend to help Ina out with her thesis. Of course, the trio had to go out before anything! While Ina was watching a movie with our other friends, Kevin and I decided to wait for her in the same mall for less hassle. Yay, outfit shots!

I'm so glad that the nights have started to become colder. I've been able to find so many sweaters at the thrift places lately, and it makes me really happy that I can finally use them so often.
Sweater: Thrift place from this post.

Here are the print details of the sweater.
Necklace: Gifted from mom.

My favorite part about this outfit has got to be the skirt. I made a really happy noise when it finally came in the mail. Can you just look at it? Just look at it. I can't comprehend how wonderful this skirt is, I'm sorry. Thank you so much, Everyday Couture for bringing us together. I'm so stoked to get the rest of my orders!

I'm stepping on a round metal thing. I don't know.

And here is my photographer for the night, Kevin! He wanted an outfit post also, so I let him. And I said I'd post it here too. Thanks for taking my pictures!

Button-up: Giordano
Pants: Mango

Shoes: Vans

We went to Quirks and Kevin found a mustache. He's pretending to be my dad. He really wanted to get it, but he didn't because we were both very broke that day.

And then we went to Eastwood after. Hi Ina! I'll just post the rest of the photos on Facebook or something. Thanks for tonight, guys!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Andres Bonifacio is my favorite national hero

Thursdays are almost always Terina days. But since we both had so much to do, we decided to have a study day! Well, Ina had thesis, I did the studying. We stayed at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in Rockwell, since I haven't had CBTL in forever. 

Hi Ina! Kill that thesis. Literally.

After the academics have been dealt with,  we decided to walk around. Fully Booked is always a must-go-to for us. Ina found this! If you know me, you will understand why I freaked out like crazy. Ask Ina, she saw my face. And heard my palpitating breathing.

Naruto is a very important part of my friendship with Ina. And this picture gives us a lot of feelings.

And this is what I wore today!

Top, Bag and Skirt: Thrifted. 
Ina told me about this really nice thrift spot near her house, and I took a look at it a while back. I went crazy, and bought so many things. The top, bag, and my skirt came from there!

Sunnies: Mnl Thrift Shop. You can find them on Facebook and Instagram! (mnlthriftshop)
Necklace: Random kiosk in Nepo Mall.

Bracelets: Top, Skin Candy Manila

Here are the details of the bag! I can't believe I found this baby at a thrift spot. It's in almost absolutely perfect condition. I can even remove that chain and make it a necklace. 

Shoes: Payless

Thank you so much for today, Ina!I really needed this, and I'm sure you did too. I'm really glad you and I always make sure to make time for each other despite our super hectic schedules (with your thesis and whatnot).