Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sudoku is Japanese for a number by itself

Hello! I decided to go with a very simple outfit for this post. What I usually love to do to a comfortable shirt-shorts-sneakers outfit is to trick it out with a nice jacket. A simple overall outfit to make one article of clothing stand out really works!

Jacket: Zara

Here are details on the jacket. I must say, this is my absolute favorite jacket in my closet.

My mom has been hinting that I'm going to NYC this year, so I really hope I'm not getting my hopes too high. Who am I kidding, I am so crazy excited. 

Shirt: NYC Shorts: Forever 21 P1,500

Hello new sneakers! I've been waiting patiently to get a hold of these babies from your nearby Payless. The first time I saw them, they were about P1,000+ but they magically went on sale for about P650. When I finally came back for them, they were down to P450! What is this magical feeling inside? It's just wonderful that these things happen. 

Sneakers: Payless, P450 Socks: Forever 21, P150

Since I like to keep my hair at asymmetrical lengths, I like wearing just one dangling earring on the side where my hair is much shorter. 

Earring: Forever 21, P230 Shades: RayBan Wayfarers, hand-me-down from my cousin  Lips: Ever Bilena's matte line in Love That Red, P155

All these photos were taken by the ever so wonderful Dale Garcia! Thank you so much, Dale! :3 Please do check out his site for more of his work.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

All I ever wanted was a little piece of you

It's time for almost every store to go on their season ender sale, which is always a wonderful time. 

The things I'm wearing that I got for sale!

Dress: Jellybean's Marquee Mall branch for P899 (10% off) Leggings: Forever 21's SM Megamall branch for P150 (50% off) Necklace: Forever 21's SM Megamall branch for P145 (70% off)


I think I'm starting to have this thing for dresses and shirts that show a little of my back. 

The things that I got that weren't on sale!

Braceletes: Lulu by K&M for P150 each Shoes: CMG for P3999 

These braceletes were made by my friend. She takes orders and ships them. There are actually a whole lot more, and I'll preview her other works in coming posts. If you like what you see, you can check her out here

These shoes are just absolutely wonderful because they make me extra tall without threatening my balance.

Thank you to my very good friend, Regina for the wonderful photos! This blog is for you!