Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sudoku is Japanese for a number by itself

Hello! I decided to go with a very simple outfit for this post. What I usually love to do to a comfortable shirt-shorts-sneakers outfit is to trick it out with a nice jacket. A simple overall outfit to make one article of clothing stand out really works!

Jacket: Zara

Here are details on the jacket. I must say, this is my absolute favorite jacket in my closet.

My mom has been hinting that I'm going to NYC this year, so I really hope I'm not getting my hopes too high. Who am I kidding, I am so crazy excited. 

Shirt: NYC Shorts: Forever 21 P1,500

Hello new sneakers! I've been waiting patiently to get a hold of these babies from your nearby Payless. The first time I saw them, they were about P1,000+ but they magically went on sale for about P650. When I finally came back for them, they were down to P450! What is this magical feeling inside? It's just wonderful that these things happen. 

Sneakers: Payless, P450 Socks: Forever 21, P150

Since I like to keep my hair at asymmetrical lengths, I like wearing just one dangling earring on the side where my hair is much shorter. 

Earring: Forever 21, P230 Shades: RayBan Wayfarers, hand-me-down from my cousin  Lips: Ever Bilena's matte line in Love That Red, P155

All these photos were taken by the ever so wonderful Dale Garcia! Thank you so much, Dale! :3 Please do check out his site for more of his work.

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