Saturday, August 4, 2012

Dale and I, we're ninjas

Because when Dale and I were scheduled to shoot, the weather wasn't cooperative, so we decided to find a place in school instead. Hence, ninjas, since our school has a very strict dress-code. This outfit is super simple, because I really wanted to focus on the dress, and not so much with accessories and heavy makeup. 

Lips: Ever Bilena's matte line in Mauve

Dress: Jellybean P500 
I absolutely love this dress. It was such a steal! And it's incredibly comfortable, too. I am really in love with this brand, okay? They have so many nice things. Things, meaning dresses, shoes, bags, and everything. So things = everything, I guess.

Oh right, and it shows my lower back all sneaky-like. My face is always so very awkward in shots like this. :(

Bracelet: Lulu by K&M P150
If you're interested in getting a bracelet similar to mine (or exactly like mine, if you like), check out her Facebook page! She has other accessories on sale as well. :)
Ring: Random clothes stall in Nepo Mall, Angeles City, Pampanga
I really love this ring. I don't know how it all started, but I've always had a thing for stars and outer space and things.

Shoes: Borrowed from mom.

Thanks again, Dale Garcia, for the wonderful pictures! It's always so fun and sabaw when we shoot together. :) Don't forget to check out his wonderful blog for more of his work and life and Dale! :D

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