Thursday, September 13, 2012

Turn my head with talk of summertime

So what do you wear when your school is super strict with the dress code? This is my problem every morning, actually. I usually stand in front of my closet for a good 10 minutes before figuring out what to wear for the day. Since it's for school, I usually just dress for comfort. Comfort is very important!

I love wearing super comfortable polos to school! They make me happy.

Shirt: From mom's closet. Shhhh. She doesn't know that it's in my closet now.
Sneakers: Payless, P450

Time for outfit details! As you can tell, this look is very simple.

Necklace: From some kiosk in Nepo Mall, Angeles City, Pampanga, P150

These pants are actually boy pants (because sometimes I like dressing like a boy). I have two guy schoolmates who have the same pants as me! I don't know, maybe you wouldn't have thought these pants for made for boys if I never said they were. Oops. I really like how they're striped! That's what really made me want to buy them in the first place.
Pants: Bittersweet, P1,700 

Ina, look! I did what you do to your pictures! Heehee.

This is Mowie! He makes me feel short. :( But I really like his shoes!

Thank you again to my fabulous photographer, Dale! You are loved and greatly appreciated, and I really hope you feel that you are because you are!

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