Tuesday, October 30, 2012

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Hello! The other month, I saw that one of my favorite button-up shirts had been ruined by the help. She had accidentally bleached some streaks into it. I couldn't really use it after that so it had been collecting dust and taking up space in my closet.This is what the bleached part looks like.

I've been seeing a lot of these ombre pieces on online stores lately (especially the ones on Instagram), and I tried to see if there was hope for my poor shirt. I then decided to experiment a bit. Tada! A DIY for ombre. :) DON'T FORGET TO WEAR GLOVES IF YOU DECIDE TO DO THIS. My fingers are currently green at the moment.

Step 1. Get your dye.

I got these at National Bookstore. As you can see, a sachet only costs P5. Make sure you get at least 2 colors, one being lighter than the other. Since my shirt was green, I decided to keep it green (also because they didn't have pink and purple. I have another ruined bleached shirt anyway, I can use those colors on that). 

Step 2: Since it's been ruined by bleach, ruin it some more! 

Since this is just an experiment, I thought to bleach the shirt entirely first. I'm not quite sure why I did this, but I just.. did. Hahaha. Oh, and it turned orange instead of the bleach white I expected. Maybe because I didn't wait for it to dry before I dyed it? I'm not sure.I couldn't take a picture of this part because my camera was being used by my governess to take a picture of the dog. I don't know either.

Step 3: Prepare the soak-age.

Boil some water, then put the water into a container where you plan on soaking your shirt. I didn't bother taking pictures of this part. No, actually, I just forgot to. Oops. After you put your water into your container, mix in the first color, along with a tsp of salt.

Step 4: Soak-age!

Submerge the shirt in the dyed water (but only until a certain point, since it's supposed to turn out ombre). Leave it there to soak for about 6 minutes or more. Or until you feel like repeating all the steps again for the next color.

Here's what you should be seeing when you've repeated all the steps again for the second color.

And when you're done, this is what it should look like! Just leave it there to hang dry by itself for a while.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Hello, sem break!

First order of my agenda for this sem break was to see all (well, most) of my friends! Especially the Taft kids, because we almost never see them anymore. Since we were just going to hang out at our friend's house, I decided to keep it very casual, but still fun! Especially since it's been a while since we last saw one another.

It's Tintin's dog at the back, making sure I behave.

Cardigan: Dalagita, Nepo Mall branch Shirt: Bayo (Billie was actually the one who told me that my shirt was from Bayo, since I was too lazy to check the tag at the back and she said that she has a shirt exactly like mine.) Shorts: Forever 21

Ear Piece: Skin Candy Manila. You can check them out on Facebook and on Instagram! :) (Instagram: skincandy_mnl)

Thank you Ina for the photos, and Janelle for lending us your camera! We must do this again soon, because I already miss all of you.

Monday, October 15, 2012


Here's a post that I had since a long time ago, and I only found the photos again now. I've been such a fail lately. How old is this post supposed to be? Let's just say, if I can recall, this was during the Fully Booked super sale at the High Street branch. Jam picked me up, and we went there with her brothers. But before going to Fully Booked, we went to Muji first!

This is what I was wearing that day.
Shades: Ray-Bans Crop Top: Dalagita in Nepo Mall, Angeles City branch Skirt: H&M Satchel: Random store in Nepo Mall, Angeles City

Here's the details of the skirt.

This is what Jam was wearing that day. She had black lipstick on. I really like her cardigan, too. Jam, let me know where your clothes are from, so I can add them here!

Here is her brother John Paul. He wanted to wear my shades and pretend he was a blind person.

Here are a bunch of books that Jam and I found. I didn't buy any of these, cuz none of them were part of the super sale. Okay, that's pretty sad. Haha. Jam wanted to have a picture with the first book, because the cover also had lips with black lipstick.

Then we went to Serendra because Jam wanted cupcakes. Here is a photo of Jam with 2/3 of her brothers. Only 2 of them came with us. I don't remember where the other one was at the time. Is this Joseph? Or the other one? I still can't remember which brother is which (aside from John Paul). Oh gosh. Are all your names starting with the letter J? Did your parents do this on purpose? 

Thank you for that fun day. Even if it was a very long time ago.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Paper faces on parade

Kevin and I had to run some errands today. He asked if I wanted pictures of my outfit today. Excuse the super HD quality of my photos, we just used Kevin's iPhone for this post. Oh, and I don't have photoshop. Hooray for unedited photos! Hahaha

Hooray for thrift finds! I found my shirt when I was driving to school one day. The minute I saw it, I knew I had to get it. I got this from the thrift place in this post!
Shirt: Thrift, P100
Hey Renzo! Do these shades look familiar? Wink, wink.
Shades: Ray-Ban Clubmaster, hand me downs
Blazer: Folded and Hung Shorts: Forever 21

Here's a better look at the print of the top. The cloth is so soft, too.

This pair is actually very new, and today was the first time I've used them. I always wanted nude shoes! When I saw these, I fell in love. And they're super comfortable, too! 
Shoes: Payless

Thursday, October 4, 2012

She's Cosmic

Snuck a shoot with Dale today before our class! Hooray for making time! Since we're all so busy, it's been hard to coordinate our schedules, so this is some kind of miracle. It's been raining a lot lately, so I wanted to dress comfortably to match the weather. Actually, this weather isn't really helping us students, it makes us all lazy and sleepy. I'm speaking from experience, haha.

I think it is very important that I mention that I got so many compliments for this shirt today. It's nice to know I'm not the only one that loves it. 
Top: Trunk Show (Rockwell branch), P600 
Pants: Thrift, P100

I noticed that in all of my outfit posts, there's always a picture of me touching my hair. Have you noticed that too? 

Cardigan: Dalagita in Nepo Mall, Angeles, Pampanga, P150.
I super love this cardigan for cosmic reasons. If you can tell, I'm really into stars and things. Dalagita is always the first store I go to whenever I'm in Nepo Mall. But I do remember that they have a stall in Greenhills! 
Necklace: Borrowed from mom

Shoes: Payless, P451. 
I believe that the price for this went down to P300+? I'm not quite sure. They're pretty good for everyday use. I love how they're so simple and comfortable to wear. 

I asked Dale if he could have a photo with me! Hello Dale! We're waiting for our class to start in the hallway. We're very scared for our long test on Monday for this class. Can the people from my school guess which floor and which building we had our shoot? Haha.

Thank you again, Dale! I super love having shoots together, it's always fun!