Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Feelings, flowers, and friendship

Last October 17, my friends Ina and Alex came over for a sleepover after the month-long wait for our Kingdom Hearts Day. The three of us have loved the franchise for so long, and we wanted to celebrate it's 10th year by watching all the cut-scenes of the games (except for 3D, since it's fairly new). We also decided to spend the day in KH inspired outfits! Ina had Terra as the inspiration, while Alex had Aqua. They suggested that I be Ventus, but at the time, I wasn't very familiar with Birth By Sleep (but now, I am very familiar and all my feels I can't). I then decided to go with Marluxia!

Okay, so the three of us didn't really have the time to document our outfits from that day, so I decided to ask Dale to do it for me. Thank you, Dale!

I wanted to look like I was wearing the Organization's cloak, with a Marluxia touch to it. I actually really like this outfit a lot, mostly because of all the feelings. I really like Marluxia, especially since I'm almost entirely sure that when they show him, someone drops flower petals from a hole in the ceiling.

Sheer top: Little Turp (you can check them out on Facebook!) 
Top: Thrift. 
Skirt: Mom's closet.

Shoes: Sweet Little Thoughts. You can find them on Instagram as sweetlittlethoughtsshop, and on Facebook, too!

Bag: Thrift from this post. I've actually been looking at this bag from this store for the longest time. It was only recently that I bought it. I remember seeing it on the rack that was P75, but the time I bought this, it was on the rack that was P15! What is this crazy price drop? 
Spike Bracelets: Left, triple stack from Skin Candy Manila. You can find them on Instagram as skincandy_mnl or on Facebook. Right, double stack from Trunk Show (check them out on Facebook, I really love their stuff!).

I had a class after we documented this outfit, but I ran into Machi, who wanted us to have a picture together. He told me he wanted to do the "Terry face" in the shot. I didn't understand.

To find out more about our KH day (which included us making sea salt icecream!), check out Ina's blogpost about it. 
Thank you again, so very much, Dale! Hurry and move to Blogspot!

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