Sunday, November 18, 2012

Happy birthday, fruitpreserve!

Yesterday, my friend Jam decided to celebrate her birthday (though her birthday was really last Wednesday!). Words can't describe how happy I was to be with everyone again, it's been way too long! Jam wanted us to have dinner at Borough, and that made me even happier. 

In my province, there's a giant field where there are tents and tents of thrift finds. I'm thinking of naming it so it's not so hard to refer to anymore. Okay, from now on, the field thrift place in my province is named the thrift field (since field thrift sounds like a funny way of saying field trip). I've promised my friends so many times that I would take them there with me, even just for a day trip, but that has yet to happen.

Dress:Thrift find. 
Shoes: CMG.

Earrings and necklace: Hand-me-downs from my mom.

My phone's wifi detector broke recently, so I had to take it to Greenhills the other day. But when I had them take a look, they said that it was a lost cause. So I bought a new case for it, to maybe help it feel better. 

Bracelets: Left: Hand-me-down, from my mom.
Right: Franck Herval, from my friends Ina Gonda and Justin Akia.

Dear Ina and Justin, I am really in love with this bracelet, and I can't stop saying that. I never take it off! You guys are so sweet, and I'm so touched to receive such a lovely gift from you two. Thanks again so much!

After dinner, Jam wanted to go to a gig at Route 196, since a bunch of her friends were playing that night. Later on, we saw Aaron's older brother. So random! Spent the rest of the night just talking and enjoying the company. 

Thank you again for everything, Jam! I was really happy and I had a lot of fun. :) Thank you also, to Ina for the photos.

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