Saturday, November 3, 2012

I just really want a burger right now

I had to run a few errands today, and I decided to take my newly-dyed shirt on a test drive. I really liked how the DIY turned out! 

Shirt: DIY ombre shirt from this post. 
Shorts: Thrift find from the same place in this post. 

Shoes: Trunk Show
I love these shoes! My friend Isabelle calls them my "anti-rape" shoes. Such a very appropriate name, indeed.I am just so in love with this brand. Every time I'm in Rockwell, I always have to pass by (even just to say hi to their sales ladies, they're very nice and friendly!).

Accessories time!

Necklace: NAVA

Bracelets: Left and Right: Thrift find.
Middle: Skin Candy Manila. You can also find them on Instagram (skincandy_mnl)!

If you're wondering which thrift place I found the bracelets from are, here is a map. It's under the sign of Banco de Oro, but it isn't Banco de Oro. I don't understand either.

This is me checking on my shoes. I just want this here.

I've decided to do maybe two more pieces in the future. I'm just waiting for National Bookstore to restock their other colors of their dyes.

Thank you, Daryll Patco, for taking my photos for me! :)