Saturday, December 8, 2012

I've always wanted a leather skirt.

I've been spending a lot of time with my friends lately. Despite all the things that are piling up on my to-do list, it's always worth it for their company. Last Wednesday, Ina, Alex and Stephy came over! I missed Stephy so much, and I don't know why we don't see each other as much since she's probably the free-est among all my friends at the moment.

Cardigan:Thrift find from Tagaytay (thanks to Kevin for finding it for me in the sea of clothes!)
Shirt: Bench Basics (Thank you to my sponsors, Jessica and Janine Gutierrez! Hahaha)
I have always wanted a leather skirt. You can just imagine the look on my face when I found this at a thrift place. Ina was there with me, actually! That day.. ANYWAY not talking about that day.
Skirt: Thrift find.

Lippies: Excel Paris in 509 from Manila Thrift Shop (Instagram: mnlthriftshop). 
I think it is very important to say how amazing the stay power that this lippie has. It survived me eating and drinking from straws. I was really impressed, and I'm so very tempted to get more. Thank you so much, Manila Thrift Shop for being such a reliable and trustworthy online store!

Here are the details of my cardigan! I always say this joke whenever I wear bunny-prints. "When I bought this, there were only 2 rabbits on it".

Necklace: Chain from the bag from this post.

Sandals: Payless

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