Friday, December 14, 2012

Last school day for 2012!

This is what I wore today!

Top:Gifted from Ina! Thank you so much for this, this top is so wonderful!
Shoes: CMG

Necklace: Gifted from my cousin Jordan.
Rings: Left: Regina's. Right: Everyday Couture

Hello, Mr. Kotake!

This is my block mate, Sarah! But I like to call her Jess, because. I really liked what she was wearing today!  

Top: Thrifted. (From the same thrift shop as my pants!)

Booties: From Korea.
I really like her shoes. And I like Kathy's shoes, too! They're the ones behind Jess'.

And here's Jess with our other block mate, Kathy! I super love these girls

Look! It's Jess as a model for UA&P's Merchandising Committee! I'm so proud of Jess, and the team for today, they worked hard for this launch. 

Then this is what we had to do for our majors today. I don't think I ever mentioned what my course was. I'm taking up Child Development in Education in UA&P, and I am absolutely in love with it. Below is mine and Jess' works. I have a magical unicorn, and Jess is Ariel.

After majors, we had our exchanging of gifts! K-Ann got me this really cute story book. Thank you so much, again, Santa Baby! I read it, and I really want to read it to everyone in class.

K-Ann: "I got this because it reminds me of you. You look like the cat."
Me: "..I don't know how to feel. Thank you.."

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