Sunday, December 2, 2012

Red pointy party hats

Kevin's in town this weekend to help Ina out with her thesis. Of course, the trio had to go out before anything! While Ina was watching a movie with our other friends, Kevin and I decided to wait for her in the same mall for less hassle. Yay, outfit shots!

I'm so glad that the nights have started to become colder. I've been able to find so many sweaters at the thrift places lately, and it makes me really happy that I can finally use them so often.
Sweater: Thrift place from this post.

Here are the print details of the sweater.
Necklace: Gifted from mom.

My favorite part about this outfit has got to be the skirt. I made a really happy noise when it finally came in the mail. Can you just look at it? Just look at it. I can't comprehend how wonderful this skirt is, I'm sorry. Thank you so much, Everyday Couture for bringing us together. I'm so stoked to get the rest of my orders!

I'm stepping on a round metal thing. I don't know.

And here is my photographer for the night, Kevin! He wanted an outfit post also, so I let him. And I said I'd post it here too. Thanks for taking my pictures!

Button-up: Giordano
Pants: Mango

Shoes: Vans

We went to Quirks and Kevin found a mustache. He's pretending to be my dad. He really wanted to get it, but he didn't because we were both very broke that day.

And then we went to Eastwood after. Hi Ina! I'll just post the rest of the photos on Facebook or something. Thanks for tonight, guys!

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