Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Two four six oh one

Please don't mind my puffy eyes. These were taken right after I watched Les Miserables. If you haven't seen it and you plan to (because you need to see this movie), please bring tissue for all your tears and feelings.

Jacket: Zara
Shorts and Bag: Thrift finds. Shorts came from this thrift place. 
I am super in love with these shorts because they don't just look really nice, they're MILEY CYRUS. My friend Ina and I had a conversation before about how we didn't really care much about the brand of clothing unless we find them at thrift places. I freaked out when I saw the tag, because I really love Miley, okay?
Shoes: Bayo

Top: Mnl Thrift Shop. You can find them on Instagram, @mnlathriftshop
I. Love. This. Top. So. Much. Okay. It's a bit long, so you can use it as a cute dress.

Ring: Jekaloja Accessories. You can also find them on Instagram, @jekaloja_accessories
My friends call this my Wolverine ring. Since Hugh Jackman is Jean Valjean, I decided to wear this. I don't see how it makes sense, but it does, okay.

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