Saturday, February 2, 2013

Pink Elephant

I recently got to spend some time with my friends! And every time I see Ina, I need to dress up because this blog was made for her.

Vest: Thrifted from Dave and Margaret's (It's this really nice goodwill place in LA, and all the proceeds go to helping homeless and troubled girls).
Shirt: Gifted from Ina! I actually had to confirm that it was in fact from her when we met up. Just to be sure, because I didn't remember getting it with all the other things she gave me. Thank you, again!
Skirt: Thrifted from Tagaytay. This skirt actually reminds me of Ana! Or is it just me?
Shoes: Schu

Bracelet: Fashioncloset_. To be quite honest, I got this bracelet because it reminded me of Ina. Also because I love it when I match with people. And I think that it's really cool and it makes me feel dangerous.
Earrings: Jekaloja Accessories.Speaking of maching, Ina and I were both wearing accessories with eyes! Mine were these earrings, while Ina's was a bracelet! I think we're really cute that way.


  1. Three things:

    1. I like your opening line.
    2. I can totes see how you associate the skirt with Ana.
    3. Ugh I love being matchy-matchy with people too especially with friends so it irks me when some people are all secretive with where they got stuff/have dubs on stuff just because they bought it first and they don't want other people to buy it huhuhu ;__; ;__; ;___; (altho to be fair i haven't had this problem in quite a while so s'all gewd)

    1. 1. I knew you would.
      2. Yaaay, I am not alone. We should ask Ana if she also thinks the same way.
      3. I HATE THAT DIN. :| And it makes me feel bad because it's like I asked about this really personal secret and I offended that person by asking about it.

  2. YEAH I SEE IT TOO (With the skirt I mean!!! :-)) )

  3. i love the vest:)