Friday, March 22, 2013

Looping the loop, and defying the ground

I've been MIA lately, mostly because of school work. I've only been able to document 1 outfit since hell weeks started! But that's okay, cuz Saturday is the first day of summer! Hooray!

Shirt: Thrift find by my cousin Kevin, and was gifted to me! 
Mostly because he was too lazy to have it tailored. And since he's tall, the shirt is a bit short for his torso. Idk, he actually said a lot of things about this shirt not working for him. I wasn't listening cuz I was really happy he thought of giving it to me instead. Thank you, again, Kevin! 

Julia, look! The shoes! Thank you again for telling me about these shoes, Julia. I love them. And they feel like I'm wearing socks. Like, seriously. Just socks. They're so hella comfy for such a low price! *__*
Shoes: SM Department Store.