Tuesday, August 26, 2014

It has been too long.

And I'm back with some makeup and things! The Epic Fest Bazaar at the Metrotent last August 22-24 was something my friend Alex (MAKEUP BLOG PLS, ANY TIME YOU'RE READY, WHICH IS NOW) and Ina and I all wanted to go to together. We all ended up going at separate times (and on separate days for me!) with our respective family members, but the important thing is that we all got to go! 

My original plan was to look for NARS blushes, more specifically in SuperO/Orgasm/Sin but since I went on the last day (and pretty late in the afternoon/evening too) the booth Alex mentioned for me to look for was all out of them. I'm really sad, but I'm even more determined to find them now.

This is an overview of the stuff I got! 
A headband (P100), UD's Naked Basics that Ina actually got for me just in case I won't be able to go (P650), Benefit's Hoola (P600 but originally P750), and a scarf that's under al the other stuff (P200 but originally P350).

I just realized how I don't own any bronzers. Zero.
My friend had recently purchased Hoola by Benefit and she let me swatch it on myself and I decided from that moment on I needed my own in my life. And now I have one.

Also, I have always wanted Naked Basics ever since forever. The legitimacy (or lack thereof) really doesn't bother me at all because I was looking at the shades of my palette and the ones on the UD website to compare and they're pretty close or almost exactly the same if I'm not mistaken