Saturday, January 12, 2013

Spades are my favorite suit.

Today, my friend Ina had a reshoot with my cousin Kevin for her thesis. I was their designated driver of the day, because I'm really nice. Also, because I haven't seen Ina in a while (well, properly at least, since the last time I saw her was just for 5 seconds or something) and I missed her so much!

Shirt: Warehouse
The back part of the shirt is my favorite part of this outfit! I really like laced things, and pleated things as well. Please just try to imagine how happy I was to see laced pleats on this shirt. Just try.

Here's a closer look at the details of the lace. It feels wonderful to touch too.

Skirt: Thrift find from Tagaytay
I really love card suits, especially spades! I never really understood why, but I just always did. And then after spades are hearts. The other two are tied for third place.

Headband: Online find. Check them out on Instagram: @fashioncloset_
Necklace: Apostrophe, gifted from the boy's mom.

Shoes: Aldo

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