Thursday, November 29, 2012

Andres Bonifacio is my favorite national hero

Thursdays are almost always Terina days. But since we both had so much to do, we decided to have a study day! Well, Ina had thesis, I did the studying. We stayed at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in Rockwell, since I haven't had CBTL in forever. 

Hi Ina! Kill that thesis. Literally.

After the academics have been dealt with,  we decided to walk around. Fully Booked is always a must-go-to for us. Ina found this! If you know me, you will understand why I freaked out like crazy. Ask Ina, she saw my face. And heard my palpitating breathing.

Naruto is a very important part of my friendship with Ina. And this picture gives us a lot of feelings.

And this is what I wore today!

Top, Bag and Skirt: Thrifted. 
Ina told me about this really nice thrift spot near her house, and I took a look at it a while back. I went crazy, and bought so many things. The top, bag, and my skirt came from there!

Sunnies: Mnl Thrift Shop. You can find them on Facebook and Instagram! (mnlthriftshop)
Necklace: Random kiosk in Nepo Mall.

Bracelets: Top, Skin Candy Manila

Here are the details of the bag! I can't believe I found this baby at a thrift spot. It's in almost absolutely perfect condition. I can even remove that chain and make it a necklace. 

Shoes: Payless

Thank you so much for today, Ina!I really needed this, and I'm sure you did too. I'm really glad you and I always make sure to make time for each other despite our super hectic schedules (with your thesis and whatnot).

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Just a hint of Colorful-chan

Long ago, I told Ina that I wanted to have a Colorful-chan challenge. Colorful-chan is Ina's animal spirit, since she's literally like a box of crayons to begin with. When she asked how, I said that I would wear things that reminded me of her, but have me in it. Yay, friendship!

Earlier last week, I told Ina about this talk in my school that Shu Uemura was part of, and that they would be giving makeup workshops. Of course, I just had to invite her! And since I would be spending the day with Ina (literally) since later on on the night of the talk would be Jam's birthday dinner (this post), I decided to do my Colorful-chan challenge when we attend the talk. I even had my nails done in a color that reminds me of Ina!


Shirt: Thrift find from the thrift field mentioned in this post.
Not only does this shirt NEED to be in the Colorful-chan challenge since it's a thrift find, the moment I saw this, the first person I thought of was Ina. It's really colorful (I wonder how many times I'll be using this word in this post), and everything about it just really screams Ina. I wish they had two of these, so we could have matched. 
Pants: Forever 21 Cargo pants in black denim

Bag: From a random kiosk in Shangri-la. But I've been seeing these kinds of bags (but cost a bit more) in Greenhills.

Ear piece: Skin Candy Manila. You can check them out on Facebook and on Instagram (skincandy_mnl)

Necklaces: Rosary, forcefully taken from my cousin Jordan.
Golden tribal necklace, from Nava.

Ring: Regina's
Ina has been telling me to check out this store in Rockwell called Regina's. The other day, I was able to do so and I was really happy! I've been looking at this same ring in a place in Rockwell, and I must say that the price difference is INCREDIBLE. Since Ina's the reason why I went there (and since the store is named Regina's, this has to be part of the Colorful-chan challenge).
Bracelet: Franck Herval, gift.

Bracelets: Upper: Double-stack spikes from Trunk Show.
Lower: Also from Skin Candy Manila.

Shoes: CMG

Thank you, Ina for the challenge and the photos! I love you! Heehee.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Happy birthday, fruitpreserve!

Yesterday, my friend Jam decided to celebrate her birthday (though her birthday was really last Wednesday!). Words can't describe how happy I was to be with everyone again, it's been way too long! Jam wanted us to have dinner at Borough, and that made me even happier. 

In my province, there's a giant field where there are tents and tents of thrift finds. I'm thinking of naming it so it's not so hard to refer to anymore. Okay, from now on, the field thrift place in my province is named the thrift field (since field thrift sounds like a funny way of saying field trip). I've promised my friends so many times that I would take them there with me, even just for a day trip, but that has yet to happen.

Dress:Thrift find. 
Shoes: CMG.

Earrings and necklace: Hand-me-downs from my mom.

My phone's wifi detector broke recently, so I had to take it to Greenhills the other day. But when I had them take a look, they said that it was a lost cause. So I bought a new case for it, to maybe help it feel better. 

Bracelets: Left: Hand-me-down, from my mom.
Right: Franck Herval, from my friends Ina Gonda and Justin Akia.

Dear Ina and Justin, I am really in love with this bracelet, and I can't stop saying that. I never take it off! You guys are so sweet, and I'm so touched to receive such a lovely gift from you two. Thanks again so much!

After dinner, Jam wanted to go to a gig at Route 196, since a bunch of her friends were playing that night. Later on, we saw Aaron's older brother. So random! Spent the rest of the night just talking and enjoying the company. 

Thank you again for everything, Jam! I was really happy and I had a lot of fun. :) Thank you also, to Ina for the photos.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Feelings, flowers, and friendship

Last October 17, my friends Ina and Alex came over for a sleepover after the month-long wait for our Kingdom Hearts Day. The three of us have loved the franchise for so long, and we wanted to celebrate it's 10th year by watching all the cut-scenes of the games (except for 3D, since it's fairly new). We also decided to spend the day in KH inspired outfits! Ina had Terra as the inspiration, while Alex had Aqua. They suggested that I be Ventus, but at the time, I wasn't very familiar with Birth By Sleep (but now, I am very familiar and all my feels I can't). I then decided to go with Marluxia!

Okay, so the three of us didn't really have the time to document our outfits from that day, so I decided to ask Dale to do it for me. Thank you, Dale!

I wanted to look like I was wearing the Organization's cloak, with a Marluxia touch to it. I actually really like this outfit a lot, mostly because of all the feelings. I really like Marluxia, especially since I'm almost entirely sure that when they show him, someone drops flower petals from a hole in the ceiling.

Sheer top: Little Turp (you can check them out on Facebook!) 
Top: Thrift. 
Skirt: Mom's closet.

Shoes: Sweet Little Thoughts. You can find them on Instagram as sweetlittlethoughtsshop, and on Facebook, too!

Bag: Thrift from this post. I've actually been looking at this bag from this store for the longest time. It was only recently that I bought it. I remember seeing it on the rack that was P75, but the time I bought this, it was on the rack that was P15! What is this crazy price drop? 
Spike Bracelets: Left, triple stack from Skin Candy Manila. You can find them on Instagram as skincandy_mnl or on Facebook. Right, double stack from Trunk Show (check them out on Facebook, I really love their stuff!).

I had a class after we documented this outfit, but I ran into Machi, who wanted us to have a picture together. He told me he wanted to do the "Terry face" in the shot. I didn't understand.

To find out more about our KH day (which included us making sea salt icecream!), check out Ina's blogpost about it. 
Thank you again, so very much, Dale! Hurry and move to Blogspot!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Baby, it's cold outside

November, hello! It's been getting colder these past few days, so it's time to bring out the sweaters. I'm also really happy that the second semester started. I've been itching to use my school supplies again, and I missed my friends a lot over the break.

Sweater: Thrift from this post.
Undershirt: Banana Republic

Shoes: Bayo
I absolutely love these shoes. It gives much more character to all the outfits I wear it with. 

"Tippy toes!" -Dale
I had to hold my breathe in this shot because I thought that not breathing would mean I would stay still.

Bracelet: Girl Shoppe
Lip color: Ever Bilena in Espresso

Thank you, Dale! You are wonderful and amazing.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

"Star Wars plus Moleskin. Dude."

"Star Wars plus Moleskin. Dude." (Bautista, 2012)

It's been a few days into November, and I usually start looking for possible planner options for the next 
year at around this time. For a while, my mind was completely set on getting the 2013 Starbucks planner in green (I already have 2 holiday drink stickers, haha!). This changed completely when I saw the Moleskins in Fully Booked, Rockwell. 

"Do. Or do not. There is no try."
Jedi Master Yoda

My planner hunt is over! This was such an impulse buy, and I have absolutely no regrets. And this is actually my first ever moleskine notebook, so I'm really happy about this. I got really excited, so I took out the plastic. I really couldn't help myself.

2013 has no choice, an awesome planner means an awesome year. 

Saturday, November 3, 2012

I just really want a burger right now

I had to run a few errands today, and I decided to take my newly-dyed shirt on a test drive. I really liked how the DIY turned out! 

Shirt: DIY ombre shirt from this post. 
Shorts: Thrift find from the same place in this post. 

Shoes: Trunk Show
I love these shoes! My friend Isabelle calls them my "anti-rape" shoes. Such a very appropriate name, indeed.I am just so in love with this brand. Every time I'm in Rockwell, I always have to pass by (even just to say hi to their sales ladies, they're very nice and friendly!).

Accessories time!

Necklace: NAVA

Bracelets: Left and Right: Thrift find.
Middle: Skin Candy Manila. You can also find them on Instagram (skincandy_mnl)!

If you're wondering which thrift place I found the bracelets from are, here is a map. It's under the sign of Banco de Oro, but it isn't Banco de Oro. I don't understand either.

This is me checking on my shoes. I just want this here.

I've decided to do maybe two more pieces in the future. I'm just waiting for National Bookstore to restock their other colors of their dyes.

Thank you, Daryll Patco, for taking my photos for me! :)