Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Just a hint of Colorful-chan

Long ago, I told Ina that I wanted to have a Colorful-chan challenge. Colorful-chan is Ina's animal spirit, since she's literally like a box of crayons to begin with. When she asked how, I said that I would wear things that reminded me of her, but have me in it. Yay, friendship!

Earlier last week, I told Ina about this talk in my school that Shu Uemura was part of, and that they would be giving makeup workshops. Of course, I just had to invite her! And since I would be spending the day with Ina (literally) since later on on the night of the talk would be Jam's birthday dinner (this post), I decided to do my Colorful-chan challenge when we attend the talk. I even had my nails done in a color that reminds me of Ina!


Shirt: Thrift find from the thrift field mentioned in this post.
Not only does this shirt NEED to be in the Colorful-chan challenge since it's a thrift find, the moment I saw this, the first person I thought of was Ina. It's really colorful (I wonder how many times I'll be using this word in this post), and everything about it just really screams Ina. I wish they had two of these, so we could have matched. 
Pants: Forever 21 Cargo pants in black denim

Bag: From a random kiosk in Shangri-la. But I've been seeing these kinds of bags (but cost a bit more) in Greenhills.

Ear piece: Skin Candy Manila. You can check them out on Facebook and on Instagram (skincandy_mnl)

Necklaces: Rosary, forcefully taken from my cousin Jordan.
Golden tribal necklace, from Nava.

Ring: Regina's
Ina has been telling me to check out this store in Rockwell called Regina's. The other day, I was able to do so and I was really happy! I've been looking at this same ring in a place in Rockwell, and I must say that the price difference is INCREDIBLE. Since Ina's the reason why I went there (and since the store is named Regina's, this has to be part of the Colorful-chan challenge).
Bracelet: Franck Herval, gift.

Bracelets: Upper: Double-stack spikes from Trunk Show.
Lower: Also from Skin Candy Manila.

Shoes: CMG

Thank you, Ina for the challenge and the photos! I love you! Heehee.


  1. Reading this post made me smile :") AND I STILL RLY WANT YOUR TOP AND CLAW BRACELET

    Also, I think Regina's is officially called 'Regina Gift Shop' BUT I'VE REFERRED TO IT AS "REGINA'S" ALL MY LIFE SO NO

    1. You know you can always get that claw bracelet, just let me know. :)) I DON'T CARE IT'S REGINA'S IN MY HEAD FOREVER. :))