Thursday, November 29, 2012

Andres Bonifacio is my favorite national hero

Thursdays are almost always Terina days. But since we both had so much to do, we decided to have a study day! Well, Ina had thesis, I did the studying. We stayed at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in Rockwell, since I haven't had CBTL in forever. 

Hi Ina! Kill that thesis. Literally.

After the academics have been dealt with,  we decided to walk around. Fully Booked is always a must-go-to for us. Ina found this! If you know me, you will understand why I freaked out like crazy. Ask Ina, she saw my face. And heard my palpitating breathing.

Naruto is a very important part of my friendship with Ina. And this picture gives us a lot of feelings.

And this is what I wore today!

Top, Bag and Skirt: Thrifted. 
Ina told me about this really nice thrift spot near her house, and I took a look at it a while back. I went crazy, and bought so many things. The top, bag, and my skirt came from there!

Sunnies: Mnl Thrift Shop. You can find them on Facebook and Instagram! (mnlthriftshop)
Necklace: Random kiosk in Nepo Mall.

Bracelets: Top, Skin Candy Manila

Here are the details of the bag! I can't believe I found this baby at a thrift spot. It's in almost absolutely perfect condition. I can even remove that chain and make it a necklace. 

Shoes: Payless

Thank you so much for today, Ina!I really needed this, and I'm sure you did too. I'm really glad you and I always make sure to make time for each other despite our super hectic schedules (with your thesis and whatnot).

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  1. TYSM FOR TODAY ;____; totes needed it huhu

    ALSO THIS OUTFIT UGH AND THIS TOP AND SKIRT UGH if you ever decide to get rid of them, you know who's willing to adopt them in a heartbeat HAHAHA

    also omg Uzumaki famiry all my feers right in the kokoro our bb's all grown up desu