Thursday, August 16, 2012

I just wanted to look nice that day.

...because it was August 11 last week, and I've been saving this dress for something important. Okay, I'm sure only people who know me will understand the first sentence, but that day is very important to me for reasons. 

But since there was a number of natural calamities, it felt weird to go out, so we didn't anymore. But I still made an outfit for that day anyway! 

Again, another super simple outfit. Since this was supposed to be a date outfit, I want the focus to be me, and not so much everything else, hence the light makeup and very minimal accessories. 

Remember what I said about my face being derp in shots like this? Yeah, It really is derp. Haha! But I really do love the back of this dress! It's oh so very loverly.

Earrings: Penshoppe P270 (it comes in a set, with other kinds of earrings!)
"Dale, make them look like they're talking to each other!" Because I made Dale adjust the birds so that they'd face each other.

Dress: Forever 21 P979
I really absolutely super love this dress! The print, the shape, the cut, everything! And it helps that I feel a little extra girly, and perky, and bubbly when I'm in it (I don't know why, I just do).

Thank you again, Dale Garcia! You are wonderful and full of rainbows and smiles! Do check out his blog to see more of his work and adventures!


  1. SO BOOTIFUL! I wish you would wear a dress every day! :) I love your earrings too! :)