Monday, October 15, 2012


Here's a post that I had since a long time ago, and I only found the photos again now. I've been such a fail lately. How old is this post supposed to be? Let's just say, if I can recall, this was during the Fully Booked super sale at the High Street branch. Jam picked me up, and we went there with her brothers. But before going to Fully Booked, we went to Muji first!

This is what I was wearing that day.
Shades: Ray-Bans Crop Top: Dalagita in Nepo Mall, Angeles City branch Skirt: H&M Satchel: Random store in Nepo Mall, Angeles City

Here's the details of the skirt.

This is what Jam was wearing that day. She had black lipstick on. I really like her cardigan, too. Jam, let me know where your clothes are from, so I can add them here!

Here is her brother John Paul. He wanted to wear my shades and pretend he was a blind person.

Here are a bunch of books that Jam and I found. I didn't buy any of these, cuz none of them were part of the super sale. Okay, that's pretty sad. Haha. Jam wanted to have a picture with the first book, because the cover also had lips with black lipstick.

Then we went to Serendra because Jam wanted cupcakes. Here is a photo of Jam with 2/3 of her brothers. Only 2 of them came with us. I don't remember where the other one was at the time. Is this Joseph? Or the other one? I still can't remember which brother is which (aside from John Paul). Oh gosh. Are all your names starting with the letter J? Did your parents do this on purpose? 

Thank you for that fun day. Even if it was a very long time ago.

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