Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Hello, Escriva

Last Sunday, Ina and Kevin had their shoot near Giraffe street and along Escriva Drive. We were supposed to have it in the UA&P parking lot, but it was closed for some reason. We were all sad, because there was a perfect tree where Kevin could have used.

I always feel really weird whenever I'm near school, and not in dress code. It's like something is very wrong, and that I should be very careful that I might get caught (even if I don't go inside the campus). 

This is me texting my friend Mari. I was wondering if she was at the dorm, so I could ask to see her. Too bad she was still at home.

Sunnies: Ray-Bans
Tights: Forever 21

Top details! I really like this shirt. The cloth feels really nice and smooth. 
Top: Dalagita. You can find them in Greenhills or in Nepo Mall!
Necklace: Gifted from mom.

I just absolutely fell in love with this top when I saw the criss-cross at the back. 

Shorts: Also from Dalagita.
Bracelet: Trunk Show

Shoes: Airwalk from Payless.

Taking a little break and having a recap of the shoot in Ina's camera. Don't they look so cute? This is actually Kevin's very first photo shoot (that isn't for his swimming thingy) and Ina's first time to shoot a guy (that isn't for work).